The most valuable promotional gifts
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Promotional gifts are non-selling products, that is, you can use these non-selling products for sale when they are sold, so you can use these beautiful promotional gifts to attract consumers and indirectly increase sales. Promotional gifts are not produced by the product manufacturer themselves, but through a number of professional gifts custom factory customization, production, and manufacturers in the custom promotional gifts to pay attention to what? Then the small side of the key chain of employees to introduce a briefing for everyone.
The first point: professional manufacturers gifts. A staff member at a chain in Dongguan City says there will be some gift makers in every city, but these manufacturers are both serious and unbalanced. Professional manufacturers will be more aware of the needs of market consumers for promotional gifts, and you can produce and produce consumer-friendly promotional gifts instead of professional promotional gift manufacturers that can not do that, thereby affecting product promotions.
The second point: price. Because this is a promotional gift, the price of the gift can not be too high. Otherwise, the entire cost is calculated, even if the sales are relatively high, but not much profit. This is not the best deal for product manufacturers. Therefore, Dongguan Wobo plastic gift company employees said that in the choice of promotional gifts, the price of a gift must be cheaper.
The third point: advertising. Because this is a promotional gift, so the ads must not be less. Otherwise, even if the consumer buys the product, it receives a gift, but it's hard to remember the product name permanently. And when the promotional gifts over the top of the advertisement, as long as consumers use these promotional gifts, they will firmly remember the product brand. The company is a well-known small gift company for enterprises and institutions to provide small gifts wholesale, small gifts customized, and a variety of key chains, refrigerators and other professional gifts of large enterprises! Customized keychain, high quality, stylish modeling beautiful, multi-pattern Is the favorite of consumers friends. Today, let's go in good faith and see what the benefits of its custom keychain are.
Advantages: Advanced technology, advanced equipment is the primary guarantee for the production of key ring. Jia Xin City Technology Gifts Co., Ltd. was established for many years, has accumulated rich experience in production and customization, professional team is to ensure that technology continues to mature. The introduction of the most advanced production equipment, the use of a large corner, a one-time molding, coupled with the metal key ring, convex or concave and convex colorful patterns are machine-formed.
Advantages 2: theme rich, innovative topics, is an important consumer favorite. Customized Key Ring has always been a highlight of themed and themed production Keychain, breaking the traditional key ring design style, add a variety of fashion, the theme of public needs so that the key chain more consumption The welcome, such as the current production of Coca-Cola, football, beautiful girl warrior, cartoon anime and key chain theme, achieved good results.
Three: the concept of integrity and corporate culture is to ensure the development of an important pillar of product development. Jia Qinglin Zincheng Keyring has been able to achieve such a remarkable achievement that products have been inseparable from domestic and foreign consumers, corporate philosophy and culture, as well as long-term development strategy, building a better vision of China's first soft gift brand as a customer The basic concepts and concept of quality of life products, inspired by every good letter people will be better products. In our impression, advertising and promotional gifts we are not very strange, in today's growing social development, all kinds of promotional products in the market has a lot of room for development, advertising promotional key ring what it needs?
There is nothing more monotonous key ring, he showed cheap results in front of people, but often many people ignore the product itself must be conditional, first of all there should be material problems, like this product is very young people and children love, so Products must have environmentally friendly materials, let us play children can be assured that if the product is not environmentally friendly, then the consequences are very serious, we must choose to pay attention to these details, the so-called details determine the success or failure.
There are many conditions under which the key ring is advertised. When we choose such a product, we have to start with the unit price and many people choose to shop. This is very normal and understandable; however, we must not choose the product we want Do not worry about the most valuable promotional gifts to the dynamic. Every year, different products are displayed in people's perspectives, but can be favored by the public. It is not as good as the Japanese market is the protagonist of cartoon characters, lovely characters, colorful, Japanese are like.
China's market demand is a variety of cartoon characters, more popular Chinese style products, we can see that the advertising promotional key ring needs to adapt to changes in the market to meet the final results of the guests, because if the world does not adapt to market changes, then it will be eliminated . Reciprocity, do not come, nor indecent. Spring and Autumn Period, China advocates etiquette, formed a culture for thousands of years. As time passes, as the core of this cultural material, gifts, is changing as well. Different times, different historical backgrounds, gifts are different. if
High-definition pictures, advertising gifts describe the image. Advertising gifts is business in business or business activities to enhance or expand their visibility, improve product market share, higher sales and profits and special procurement. As a gift of the product, usually with a brand logo or commercial logo, has some special meanings of the product. It combines novelty, singularity, craftsmanship and practicality, with targeted, so that the target consumer favorite. The gift is emotional investment, can shorten the distance between people, facilitate people's communication, communication, reach a consensus, and create good business opportunities. if
At the same time advertising is a promotional gift, the correct advertising gifts in the hearts of customers to establish a permanent and deep impression. Advertising gifts in recent years just focus on this hot concept, her production is mainly the background of the price when the price has become a habit, the merchants get rid of their brains to find a market in addition to the "price war" methods, the use of some "atypical" propaganda Is to win the media attention and consumer concern. Advantages of advertising gifts: The implementation of the way: 1, the purchase of the corresponding gift products (you can buy to send small, buy the main product to send gifts, send a unique exotic small gifts, etc.); 2, after purchasing the product, draw a gift can be valuable Gift; 3, when the product can get and buy product-related support products, buy a small amount of money. Most consumers are entering the rational consumption of the times. Some weird promotions, while appealing to market concerns and consumer concerns, may not necessarily be the product of choice when consumers really choose to buy consumer products. Appropriate marketing tools coupled with the quality of the product itself, service is the key to winning the market. if
Advertising gifts, as the name suggests, is a commercial gift, she can be classified as promotional gifts, she has more value than promotional gifts, mainly because she not only allows consumers to get a good gift, more Is a new marketing idea, the best way to enhance your company's brand image! if
Value One: There are more "gold" more valuable, more valuable targeted ads. If it is the value of two: enhance customer stability, increase the possibility of customer referrals. if
Value three: peer competition more and more intense, in order to more business, faster increase turnover, efficiency. if
Value four: to enhance the company brand, visibility. if
Value five: a unique business card, to the customer left a good impression. if
The past two years, more companies have seized the new promotion concept, but also to promote the development of the gift industry, and gradually make promotional gifts advertising gifts to become a new concept - advertising promotional gifts! So there is no need to distinguish, can be collectively referred to as advertising promotional gifts! How successful advertising business? if
First of all, you have to determine your market, then the market refinement and product positioning, since the gift has been completed, you must work in people's minds, what kind of gift people like, gift gift which gift, what kind of gift who send the right, there price. Gift company's main customers or groups are purchasing, the so-called group purchasing, should focus on meeting marketing, conferences and exhibitions, corporate events celebration. Advertising gifts and other industries are different, not the first to find the customer only the goods, but first of all require the customer and order requirements to find goods. That is customer and order priority. In this case, you must focus on finding customers. First, do not look so far away, as if all the presents can look like. Find several quality and cheap production gifts in the factory, determine the relationship, and then they will produce samples of gifts as your own products. Produce images after advertising (online and essay). Your first offer as an advertising gift supplier is your own. Tell each other you now have these gifts to do, your delivery time is basically how your quality assurance and so on. From this point onwards, gradually expand your gift channels, and gradually expand your gift promotions. But if there is no effect on the business to give up, I believe no one can give you any useful advice, unless you really give up. if
Advantages of advertising gifts: China's promotional gifts have a considerable price advantage, if the design innovation will have a stronger competitive advantage. The current product trend is to emphasize versatility.
For example, gifts on the table, such as calculators, electronic calendar, thermometer, desk lamp, all of which are integrated or partially integrated. It's called combo, triple and even more.
Multi-purpose desktop calendar with radio, multi-function flashlight, electronic calendar with alarm and exercise time, novel mouse, ball point pen with light function and alarm clock with automatic search function.
Such as alloy keychain, the predecessor is a beautiful pattern shape, people down; carved in the back of the company's logo, publicity, contact information, publicity is very good.
Martini jewelry, specializing in the production of various personality key ring, advertising promotional gifts, wedding gifts, products can be customized according to customer requirements of various signs