China plays a crucial role in international dialogue and cooperation
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Faced with the complicated international situation, "China remains committed to international dialogue and cooperation. It is of crucial importance that China continue its efforts in international dialogue and cooperation. Before the opening of the 2018 World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the Forum, An interview said so.
Schwab said that in the 2018 Global Risks Report issued by the World Economic Forum, many experts think the relations between the world's major powers may deteriorate this year. Therefore, the role of China in international relations is of particular importance.
He said that people have already seen that China is taking the lead in financing development through climate change, the Internet's future and through the Belt and Road Initiative. In the meantime, Chinese enterprises are also playing more and more responsible roles in trade and circular economy.
In recent years, many economies have been plagued by the crisis. However, China is an exception. China's economy has maintained its strong growth momentum, he said.
Liu He, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and director of the office of the Central Financial Leading Group, will attend the Davos Forum. Schwab said that Liu He will deliver a speech in Davos. That will be a "very important moment."
The theme of this year's forum is "Building a Common Destiny in a Differentiated World." In explaining this theme, Schwab said that on the one hand, in today's world, more and more countries and economies take a competitive position based on different interests; on the other hand, in some countries, society also suffers from Unstable factors affect the differentiation.
He said that in order to bridge these divergences, policymakers should find common interests to meet common global challenges.
The 2018 World Economic Forum will be held from January 23 to January 26 in the small town of Davos in eastern Switzerland. The forum hopes to promote exchanges and consensus through leaders of all walks of life through more than 400 discussions at the annual meeting, seek cooperation and build a platform, and clarify the roles and responsibilities of all parties in cooperation.
According to the news released by the forum, as of now, heads of state or government of 70 countries and heads of 38 international organizations have indicated that they will attend this annual meeting.