Ten express delivery companies during the Spring Festival do not hit some companies will fare increase
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According to the Voice of China "Newsletters" reported that there is less than a month away from the Spring Festival, a number of electricity providers have been "wave flag cry." The face of online spread of a Spring Festival Express holiday schedule, many consumers are worried that during the Spring Festival courier can be delivered on time? Similarly, courier brother also began to commit crimes, busy for a year, when can we go home New Year?
Courier company during the Spring Festival holiday?
According to "Express Magazine" news, including EMS, SF, Zhongtong, Shen Tong, tact, rhyme, Best, Debon, Jingdong logistics, Suning logistics, including the 10 express delivery companies have said that during the Spring Festival this year, no fight.
An unnamed courier company public relations official said, "We should be the first of these companies to adhere to this, now for us this is a normal state, we are not the rest of the Spring Festival, specifically some of the details Practice, have to see our official announcement. "
According to sort out the logistics Suning recently started the first of the New Year is not closing the courier service; and service delivery concerns as during the annual Spring Festival, "the main force", EMS said they would like in previous years "seamless, full coverage, keep off"; rhyme Express official announcement The headquarters will set up a "Express Service Operation Team during the Spring Festival" to coordinate and direct the entire network express delivery service. At the same time, it will adjust and optimize the auto transportation and aviation lines in the relevant regions, and some adjustments will be made for the express mail aging in some regions.
Courier costs will increase?
In accordance with established practice, during the Spring Festival, some express delivery companies will charge a certain service fee. EMS and SF in previous years, an additional charge of about 10 yuan, rhyme aspects, said that taking into account the volume of business during the Spring Festival, costs and other factors, each ticket will be subject to 10 yuan service charge.
Courier companies should not be off?
Throughout the enterprise CEO, express delivery industry expert Zhao Xiaomin in an interview with China Voice of the reporter said: The so-called service industry, there is no business that rest or rest, this should also consider the most critical needs of users. Under the current Chinese this holiday, from the perspective of everyday household consumer goods, particularly in relation to daily necessities, there are still a relatively strong demand, so that normal traffic will normally be about 3.5 to 3 percent, so the amount of said In the market, we think it is not a particularly small amount. So you said let him rest can do? No way, right? So we think this is a normal one. We think you can not completely oppose the rest of the company from the courier's rest. Another point of view we need to consider is the issue of social responsibility, a lot or franchisee, it is necessary to consider the network in the entire state of existence and operation of the network.
Tangshan, who sent couriers in Beijing, has been working for three years in Xiao Zhou, and when he was interviewed by the Voice of China, he said that he will continue to stick with this year and subsidies. .
Courier Xiaotang: In fact, the situation in previous years, some employees here work, or go back and you like us here to send a little bit of courier subsidies, and many of us is for this part of the subsidy will not return New Year home. Adjusted after the year to see the individual, and want to adjust the number of days off to go home to rest two or three days to come back to work, is enough. Now the taste is faded, everyone's shopping desire is getting stronger and stronger, and we also cater to the market. The company gives us a very good welfare package. To see the individual, and want to rest to earn less, the company nor mandatory.
In addition, it is understood that Suning Logistics released a "reunion plan" in the Spring Festival this year, enterprises in 43 cities will set up 100 Love Inn, the organization of the courier on duty and their families with the Chinese New Year; Jingdong released "I am in the Great East Beijing" activities, For the Spring Festival duty couriers and other staff to provide attractive benefits.
How to protect overtime courier welfare?
Businesses in the protection of consumer services at the same time, how to protect overtime courier welfare it? Zhao Xiaomin said that enterprises have had good practical experience, suggesting that consumers can also understand the courier logistics front-line staff. "In fact, the past three years or so has always been such a situation, some people left to continue to do, his courier business is to maintain normal operation, but in part there will be delays or mistakes of the incident. then they will with some salesman or courier during the Spring Festival has a warm and caring, including the support of some funds, this is we think them all these years has been adopted this year on this case, or continue to perpetuate the Such a running posture. "