The badge's mission was a manned mission of NASA in 1965
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The task badge of the latest news report on the ISS's replenishment operation was the subject of the Marathon sponsorship sponsored by Marvel, so it was suddenly very interested in this topic and probably studied it.

The mission badge originated from the Air Force's badge tradition because the earliest astronauts were Air Force pilots. The first person to propose using the task badge is the astronaut Gordon Cooper, who was previously an Air Force pilot. First time

The mission to use the mission badge was a NASA manned mission in 1965. The use of task badges can boost team morale, enhance the public relations effectiveness of missions, and it is a memorial to missions, so the Soviet Union will also immediately open.

The mission badge is used, but not every mission. Only special missions have mission badges. Until 1994, Russia will design mission badges for each mission. All manned space missions in China also have


Mission badges. The difference between the NASA badge and China and Russia is that the name of the astronaut will be printed on the badge.

Most of NASA's mission badges are designed by astronauts themselves. It can be said that the first thing each mission started with was that the astronauts gathered to design the mission badge. The task badge must not only reflect the mission content, but also


Represents an astronaut team performing missions. Of course, astronauts can also choose to design with professional graphic designers. After the design is completed, the team will submit the selected pattern shape color to the executive for approval.

Make a task badge. The mission badge is not only worn by astronauts, but all ground attendants who participate in the mission are also assigned. It's worth mentioning that NASA's mission badge is simply a child if it is compared with the NRO's mission badge.


Branch ah. NRO is the abbreviation of the National Investigation Office of the United States. It is the agency responsible for launching spy satellites. The NRO's task badge is the coolest, and because it is a confidential organization, it is not known who designed it. so I


Just put a few pictures to see.