What is the best souvenir you have ever received?
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 Souvenirs are items that can carry commemorative meanings. Souvenirs usually exist in kind and can be preserved for a long time. In

interpersonal communication, they can enhance feelings and deepen impressions.

Souvenirs are used for a wide variety of purposes, such as commemorating an individual, commemorating something, commemorating the convening

of a meeting, or commemorating a person’s feelings.

In order to adequately and vividly illustrate the application of souvenirs in our lives, here are some examples. For example, Xiao Zhang

went to Yunnan for tourism. After returning from the tour, Xiao Zhang brought some small gifts of Yunnan as a special gift for Yunnan.


The commemoration of the tour, these small gifts purchased in Yunnan, is a tourist souvenir at this time. Another example: Xiao Li’s unit

will hold an international conference. The guests invited by the conference come from all over the world.


Some gifts with Chinese characteristics were prepared for overseas friends to come to attend the conference. At this time, these gifts with

Chinese characteristics could be called conference commemorative gifts.

What you can deliver is based on his/her preferences, hobbies, or lack of anything.

Send plants, flowers, paintings, tobacco and tea, jewelry, cross-stitch, ceramics, shopping cards, local specialties can be

What I want to say here is that I can't send anything

Give you a wake-up call

1, can not send watches. Some people said that they could not send bells, because the bell is the final harmonic, giving people a bell, it

is equal to expecting death. The watch also belongs to Zhong Ke. You see how many corrupt officials were killed because they wore bribery

brand watches.


Even ruin your life? !

2, can not send shoes is a homonym of evil. Therefore, sending a shoe to a person (not including a case for relatives) is equivalent to

sending someone to evil. Therefore, it is very likely that the person will lose contact or friendship with the other person soon.

3, can not send parasols are scattered homonym, therefore, the umbrella can not be given as a gift (not including the situation in the rain

to send an umbrella), if good friends between the umbrella as a gift to send, it will mean that in the future will break up or discrete .

4, can not send pears and plum pears and plums are from the homonym, giving these two kinds of fruit will mean the risk of separation in the


5, can not send candle candles for the sacrifice of the dead, therefore, can not be sent as a gift.

6, can not send dolls dolls belong to the villain, long release home easy to return evil spirits, to the family uneasy.

7. Stone stones that cannot be sent to people of unknown origin also belong to things that are easy to attract evil spirits to attach to

them. Some seem to admire stones, but they may have evil spirits attached to them and give them a friend rather than auspiciousness.

The above 7 points are the experience of the author through years of observation and practice. Many of them have been fulfilled. Therefore,

remind everyone to be cautious.

Auspiciousness and evil are often revealed in advance through our casual actions. The outcome of any thing can be inspected. It depends on

whether you use it or not.

I wish you all good luck and all good luck!

In order to thank customers, the company has prepared some activities and issued souvenirs to the guests present. However, they do not know

what to buy. Because the number of people is large, the funds must be produced on their own, so the price cannot be too high. Souvenir

request: price


About 20 yuan, decent, the market price can not be too transparent, more practical, the purpose is to make every guest a good impression on

our company.

Crystal crafts are ornaments made of crystal materials. Crystal crafts fine transparent, noble, elegant

Elegant, light and cold, not only has practical value and decorative effect, but also can gather town house.

Crystal crafts include: crystal trophy medals, crystal Neidiao, crystal vases, crystal pen holders, crystal perfume bottles, crystal bowls,

crystal chopsticks, crystal paintings, screens, crystal balls, crystal office supplies and so on hundreds of categories tens of thousands



The crystal crafts now have sophisticated materials, fine craftsmanship, elegant appearance, high appreciation value and commemorative


Personality image souvenirs are made through thermal transfer technology using special transfer ink and transfer equipment.

Print India Personality Image Tourism Souvenirs

Print India Personality Image Tourism Souvenirs

Photographs or various personalities can be printed on different materials such as cups, slate, plates, and clothes. Custom printed

souvenirs can be used to customize special souvenirs. Personality video souvenirs break traditional printing restrictions.


No plate making is required, and the production speed is very fast. The personalized video souvenirs can also reflect the features of the

local tourist attractions in the form of patterns.