How to format your U disk with U disk poisoning
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U disk poisoning or damaged sectors often need to be formatted before use, but many friends do not know how to format, here we talk about the operation method.

1. We will first insert the U disk into the USB port of your computer. Now it is usually the USB2.0 port, and there are many USB3.0 ports, but they are generally universal. Open my computer you can find your U disk.

2. If you don't find it here, or if your computer's USB power is not enough, you can plug it into the USB socket on the back of your host. The reason is that your computer does not recognize your U disk drive, but this kind of situation is very few, most of the time is that your U disk is broken, or the computer motherboard power supply is not enough or the motherboard U disk interface short circuit is broken.

3. If the computer is confirming that the U disk is plugged in, before you can observe the process of recognizing the USB disk in the lower right corner of the desktop, if this process exists, we can open the control panel. Find the management tool.

4, find computer management.

5, you can find U disk in the computer management disk management, before you have to clearly know what brand your U disk, easy to find, I here is Kingston.

6, here we can right-click the drive letter can choose to format.

7, the same, under normal circumstances, we can also right-click on the U drive letter in my computer, select the format.

8, in the pop-up dialog box, we can choose the file system format, of course we choose FAT32 format, FAT format is too old.

9, we remember to quickly format the hook, otherwise normal formatting will be very slow.

10, after the end of the process, your U disk formatted successfully.