How to make the ashtray's soot floating and odor reduced?
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I have bought glass ashtrays, ashtrays with lids, ashtrays with pushbuttons that can be switched on and off, ashtrays with mush products, and ashtrays with suction fans that claim to have activated charcoal. I have now abandoned high-tech solutions.

You can note the following points to avoid the problem:

1, ash tanks add water;

2. The soot enters the cylinder, but the cigarette butts do not enter the cylinder. After the cigarette butt is destroyed, it is put into the trash can. Dry cigarette butts do not emit odors, but soaked cigarette butts are released.

3, use self-management, that is, buy a small ashtray, forcing yourself to diligently clean up, so as to avoid the problems you said;

4, less smoking.


The ashtray is a tool that holds soot and cigarette butts and was produced at the end of the 19th century. After the paper smoke came out, soot and cigarette butts were thrown and thrown into place to impede hygiene, and the ashtray was also produced. Initially, some people claimed that the ashtray was a smoke dish with pottery and porcelain


More common, but also made of glass, plastic, jade or metal materials. Its shape and size are not fixed, but they all have obvious marks. That is, there are several grooves on the ashtray with the thickness of cigarettes, which is specially designed for placing cigarettes.


Designed. In addition to its practical functions, the ashtray is still a work of art and has certain artistic appreciation value.

Ashtray, [Ashtray], used to hold the ash produced when smoking utensils. Also called "ashtray" or "smoke," the styles are varied. Crystal, glass, stainless steel, metal, and plastic


, silicone, and jade. There are also many fashionable ashtrays that are both beautiful and practical! Ashtrays come in many shapes, such as circles, rectangles, pluses, polygons, and ovals. There is also a lot of color


Changes can be imprinted with the pattern and text you want. Generally there will be some concave recesses around the mouth of the ashtray where the cigarettes are placed.

Generally, the ashtray is mainly a container for soot, focusing mainly on internal depth, windproof, cleaning and style. In addition, there are not many ashtrays with practical functions. In fact, the ashtray can be used in time.


In combination with the cigarette lighter module, the air purification module, and the infrared sensor module, a new type of product with more functions is formed.


What is an ashtray:

Ashtray, a container used to hold soot when smoking. Also known as "ashtray" or "smoke," there are various types of vessels used to hold soot when smoking. Crystal, glass, stainless steel, metal, and


Plastic. There are many innovative style ashtrays, both beautiful and practical. Ashtrays have many shapes, such as circles, rectangles, polygons and so on. Generally there will be some recessed small grooves around the mouth of the ashtray


, where is the place for cigarettes.

The ashtray is a tool that holds soot and cigarette butts and was produced at the end of the 19th century. After the advent of paper cigarettes, cigarette ash and cigarette butts were thrown around to impede hygiene, and an ashtray came into being. Initially, some people claimed that the ashtray was a smoke dish,


Porcelain is more common, but also made of glass or metal materials. Its shape, size are not fixed, but there are obvious signs, that is, there are several channels on the ashtray, the thickness of the cigarette is designed specifically for the placement of cigarettes.

In addition to its practical functions, the ashtray is still a work of art and has certain artistic appreciation value. On the ashtray, in addition to the use of colorful hues and patterns, the diversity of styling is its main feature.


The design of the model includes the oldest star, the fishing lion, the ancient ladies, etc.; some design animals, such as dragons, tigers, turtles, etc.; some are made of various utensils, such as beer barrels, embroidered shoes, leaves, vehicles and so on. China Tobacco Museum


The museum has collected more than 3,000 ashtrays with different textures and styles.

The ashtray is also an excellent advertising material. Tobacco companies often print the name of the company and the name of the product on an ashtray. Some designs also pay special attention to their artistic value, such as the "Drunkard Pavilion" smoke from the Cizhou Cigarette Factory.


The ashtray is a square type, with a name printed on one side and a name on one side, a picture of a drunken pavilion on one side, and Ouyang Xiu’s prose "Drunkard Pavilion" on one side.

Ashtray type:

Crystal ashtray - In modern homes, crystal ashtrays not only carry soot, but also carry the intuitive beauty of people's vision. In life, the ashtray is an indispensable item for drug addicts. Naturally, the smoker’s home cannot


Without it, the exquisite and refined ashtrays even watched the addicts, their minds became delicate, and they learned to enjoy life gracefully. Even if it is a smoke-free family, the ashtray for visitors is also the protagonist of the coffee table, a small


A small ashtray can tell the owner's closeness to visitors.

Smoke-free and environmentally friendly ashtray - novel design, built-in exhaust fan on the top cover, using two AA batteries or USB interface for direct power supply, can make the ashtray cover open when the smoke is inhaled, and through the activated carbon network


The filtration will quickly absorb the harmful gases, and finally the filtered clean air will be discharged from the exhaust hole at the bottom of the ashtray. Such a new type of ashtray can effectively reduce the “secondhand smoke” harm to the human body and is very suitable for smoking.


Home is used at a computer desk.

Titanium ashtray - as a household daily necessities, has entered the homes of ordinary people. Selection of widely used titanium in aerospace materials, casting, car, clamp, riveting, welding, physical and chemical surface coloring, etc.


Titanium ashtrays of various shapes and patterns were produced. The structure is simple and colorful, light titanium ashtray is clever and durable. The characteristics of titanium can be used to clean, no corrosion, no rust. Titanium ashtray with its high-grade wood


Quality, exquisite decoration, elegant and luxurious color, wonderful shape and rich aesthetic collection value, highlight your noble taste. Add a high-end titanium ashtray to your living space


Elegant and elegant, adding color to your life. It is a practical and collectible high-quality daily necessities.

The new ashtray - the ashtray is also designed to incorporate more technological content. A fire ashtray is popular in Japan. It is an ashtray made from memory metal that was newly developed in Japan and can automatically be used for smoking.


The cigarette placed near the ashtray was turned off. This type of ashtray utilizes the characteristics of the memory metal deformed with temperature. When the cigarette is burned to a certain degree, the outer end of the metal sheet in the horizontal state will be lifted automatically, causing the cigarette end to fall off.


Into the tank, this type of ashtray can effectively prevent smokers from forgetting to extinguish cigarettes and cause fire, which is very popular with local smokers.

Semi-automatic ashtray - utility model ashtray is a semi-automatic ashtray device composed of an ashtray and cover plate, rivets, characterized in that: a metal sheet arc cover plate is set on the upper arc surface of the ashtray, the cover plate two


The side is provided with a lug, and the lug is connected with the walls of both sides of the ashtray by rivets. Allow the cover to move freely at the rivets. In this way, the lower part of the metal sheet is pressed by hand, and the metal sheet is automatically opened. After loosening the lid, the lid is


The body weight automatically closes.

Although the ashtrays of cast iron and alloy sets are clumsy, they are small and exquisite. Nostalgic as the theme, carving a variety of classical totem relief, showing exotic features. Crystal, ceramic, wood, glass ashtray, breakthrough


The normally rigid style began to change its face. Brilliant colors, dynamic pictures, and alternative ideas in modeling have made them fashionable and popular. Silicone ashtray, ring


Bao's material, high temperature resistance, shock resistance, fine epoxy pattern, and strong plasticity have become the development direction of the new generation of ashtrays.