Many ashtrays are designed to help you get rid of bad habits
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In the design of the ashtray, in recent years, it has become more humanistic. Some small and exquisite as a cigarette, in addition to the home can be placed like a fine ornament, but also easy to carry in the pocket. In addition to the traditional type

The ashtray, many ashtrays designed to help you get rid of bad habits.
Smokers have habits of throwing soot, affecting cleanliness and hygiene. Reporters visited the Zhongguancun electronics market and found that a smokeless environment-friendly ashtray has attracted the attention of young consumers. This smokeless environment-friendly ashtray

The exterior design is novel. The upper cover has a built-in exhaust fan. It uses two AA batteries or a USB interface to directly supply power. It can make the ashtray cover open when it is opened and inhale the smoke, and through the activated carbon (net) filter, quickly harmful

The body absorbs and finally filters the clean air from the exhaust hole at the bottom of the ashtray. This new type of ashtray can effectively reduce the harm of “secondhand smoke” to the human body and is very suitable for smoking players to use at computer desks.

. The ashtray is a tool that holds soot and cigarette butts and was produced at the end of the 19th century. After the paper smoke came out, soot and cigarette butts were thrown and thrown into place to impede hygiene, and the ashtray was also produced. Initially, some people claimed that the ashtray was a smoke dish, with pottery and porcelain

Quality is more common, but also made of glass, plastic, jade or metal materials. Its shape and size are not fixed, but there are obvious marks, that is, there are several channels of cigarette thickness on the ashtray, which is specially designed for placing cigarettes.

And design. In addition to its practical functions, the ashtray is still a work of art and has certain artistic appreciation value.

The creative pyramid shape makes people look bright, stylish retro personality range is full, the top of the pyramid can be opened, and the ashtray is hidden inside.

The compact ashtray plays a role in the art of smoking. Bright black design, simple lines

An exquisite crystal craftsman, with its wonderful ideas and complex manual craftsmanship, is full of brilliance and compulsion.

Stylish crystal glass ashtray, unique atmosphere, transparent texture is also particularly atmospheric

An ashtray full of texture, creative personality, great style, skillful styling and rich aesthetic collection value

The shape is retro and elegant, with details portrayed in place. Even smokeless families, ashtray beasts unknown to visitors