What is the role of a coaster?
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The New Year's gifts we give to our close relatives and friends during the New Year are often made by our own hands. They can also be very 

practical gifts. This will make it easier for those who receive gifts to feel that we are caring. The coaster is very good. New Year's gifts, 

because usually is very common, and the beautiful coaster will make our busy life a relaxed feeling .
The coaster is a very small object in daily life, but have you thought about it, if you add some clever ideas, it will make people shine. In 

plain life, savor some details to make your friends shout. Today, the old editor will share with you a few of the coaster creative DIY 

production methods, quickly moving your hands up the taste of the home up.
Why does the bar put a coaster under the beer mug? The most important role is to absorb water. When a glass of beer reaches the front, there 

is foamy water (condensed bead on the wall of cool beer glass). If there is no coaster, you will find water in the bottom of the cup, which 

hinders frequent drinking. Toasting (Imagine having a cup from the end of the drink and flowing down the sleeve tube to the lower arm). In 

fact, the role of the coaster is still very large, especially those who often drink, sit down and drink in front of a table without a 

coaster, it will feel the whole person is not good. In addition, the coaster extends to another level in the bar culture, you can play some 

games on the back, or you can easily write down the Tel..Mail .... or anything else that you met while drinking.