The death toll does not know what kind of shock the smoker will bring?
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Feng Xiaogang's movie won another "dirty ashtray award," and "I'm not Pan Jinlian." On May 23, the China Smoking Control Association held a 

press conference in Beijing on 2016 “Monitoring results of tobacco shots of domestic film and television dramas”.

The meeting was led by Feng Xiaogang's film "I'm not Pan Jinlian." The TV series "Rouge" directed by Xu Jizhou was given a "Dirty Ashtray 

Award" for too many tobacco lenses. The reporter noted that this is not Feng Xiaogang's first time

In connection with the "Dirty Ashtray Award," the "Old Gunner" starring him last year also won the "Dirty Ashtray Award." (China News 

Service, May 23)
It is reported that "I am not Pan Jinlian" has a total duration of 138 minutes. In the movie, the total duration of tobacco shots was 287 

seconds, which accounted for 3.5% of the total duration of the film; the number of tobacco lenses appeared was 16, and it occurred once every 

8.6 minutes.

Tobacco lens, a maximum of 70 seconds. There are so many harmful shots in a movie that it is worth mentioning that the “Dirty Ashtray Award

” is worth mentioning. The Chinese film and TV series containing tobacco lenses has long been a social problem, and "no smoke is not a show" 


Has become a publicly known secret. "Tobacco film" is so much? In addition to the so-called "drama needs," it is estimated that there is a 

realistic basis.
Take a look at a set of figures: The number of Chinese smokers is 350 million, ranking first in the world. One third of the world's smokers 

are in China. China is the world’s largest tobacco producer. China is the lowest tobacco price in the world

One of the homes, the cheapest cigarette pack only sells a few cents. The market of 350 million smokers in China has attracted multinational 

tobacco companies to come to gold.
There are so many “first in the world” that shows how highly developed smoking is in China, and how much the people base it. The people of 

China have always been keen to compete for the best in the world, and they are finally leading the world in the tobacco industry.

How can we not be arrogant and determined to promote "nationalism"? Therefore, it is not only strange that the new film and television dramas 

produced in the new era make the smoking lens a major highlight, but it is also very practical.
However, let us look at a set of figures: The number of deaths from tobacco-related diseases in China is about 1 million each year. If 

smoking rates remain unchanged, this number will increase to 2.2 million by 2020. Suck

Cigarettes are one of the major factors in the increasingly popular chronic diseases in China, which has brought increasing pressure on the 

Chinese health system. It turns out that the direct result of the number one smoking population in the world is so serious. Millions of 

deaths each year

The death figures do not know what kind of shock the smokers will bring?
The current situation of smoking in China is shocking. Addicts should be better prepared to think for themselves and take a good look at 

whether they should give up tobacco for the health of themselves and others. The entire community must also actively take action to reduce 

the harm caused by smoking.

. As a film and television drama for the mass media, it should take the initiative to achieve "no-smoking." The Chinese Association for the 

Control of Smoking has been monitoring the appearance of tobacco shots in domestic television dramas since 1993, and it has been sticking to 

each of them since 2007-2016.

Annual monitoring, assessing the status of tobacco lenses in film and television films, promoting film and television workers to take social 

responsibility, filming smokeless videos, and purifying the image of the screen.
Many of the countries in the world impose strict restrictions on smoking shots in film and television works. For example, India, a big movie 

country, has a ban on smoking in movies and TV: films that have already been shot must be removed during the editing process.

Cigarettes and shots mentioning cigarette brands; old movies (including foreign and Indian movies) broadcast on TV stations must have a copy 

that explains the danger of smoking or obscures the smoking lens. Even old movies must be dealt with.

It is very strict and thorough.
China’s regulatory authorities do not do anything about this. The General Administration of Radio, Film and Television had three or more 

notices on “controlling tobacco” for TV drama “three orders and five applications”, but they failed to fundamentally solve the problem.

Or the tobacco-related lens frequently appears. I am afraid the problem is still lack of supervision and strict punishment. According to the 

requirements of the SARFT’s 2011 “Circular on Strictly Controlling the Smoking of Films and TV Dramas”,

Films and television dramas with more smoking scenes will not be included in the various film and TV drama evaluation activities organized by 

the State Administration of Taxation. Unfortunately, I have not heard of any film and television drama that was limited by the number of 

smoking shots. Feng Xiao

The film just had more than one relationship with the "Dirty Ashtray Award", indicating that he and the crew did not seriously question the 

tobacco footage and public opinion. After all, the cost of violations is too low.
"I'm not a Pan Jinlian" with a tobacco lens appearing every 8.6 minutes and minutes, it must be in line with the conditions of "a movie with 

a lot of smoking scenes and television dramas". I wonder if it will be canceled.

? "Is not Pan Jinlian" Won the "Dirty Ashtray Award" can let other film practitioners startled, and then actively self-discipline for the 

film and television drama "to control tobacco"? It depends on whether or not the competent department is really serious about it, and it will 

be a "negative."

Typical face."