Birthday girl makeup mirror for girls looking forward to
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This year I am 25 years old. There is another month that is my birthday. My friends are quietly preparing me a birthday present. It seems like I would like to have a few gifts and secretly write it down to see whether these birthday wishes can be realized.

1. KENZO's Ice Love Ms. Perfume

I love this perfume, a very soft flowing bottle, transparent floral notes, a combination of cool ice mints, the tranquility of the lotus, and the sensuality of pink pepper. A refreshing breath brings comfort and tranquility. A touch of fragrance Showing a little sensibility. Like it, someone must give it to me oh~~

2. Metal makeup mirror

The metal makeup mirror is so beautiful. The enamel and Swarovski crystals are my favorite. I went to the Carrefour store several times. The mirror inside is very beautiful and very delicate. I haven't been willing to buy it. This birthday, I really want a mirror like this, like the "gentle trap," "Rose Life," "Love," "Little Barbie," ... too much, and they all like it.

3. Fasn art USB flash drive

He has a USB flash drive and bought it very early. The capacity is a bit small. Seeing the metal art USB flash drive, I really like it, and each story has a story that quietly attracts me. It's so small, it's shiny, it's very practical, and I don't know if someone can give it to me. Like "Princess Cavage", "empty city", "Princess Paris", "Alice" is so beautiful...

If the metal makeup mirror and artistic USB flash drive can only be selected the same, hey, it is really difficult to choose ~

4. amusement park

I hope to spend a whole day with my classmates at the Beijing Amusement Park or Happy Valley. When I was thinking about my childhood, I went to the amusement park with my junior high school students to do a roller coaster and a pirate ship. I really wanted to have a fun day.

5. Li Ning sportswear

25 years old, is a turning point for women, if you do not start a good maintenance and exercise will be aging, so you want a set of Li Ning sportswear, that a new set of this year, very comfortable, very beautiful, tourism, mountaineering, fitness are Can wear, I want to start increasing my physical fitness.

6. I also want many, many bags, shoes, concert tickets...


Isn't it to
o greedy, haha ~ everyone helped me to top it up, hopefully I want to have these birthday presents to be fulfilled on my birthday...

Even if the classmates do foreign trade, a set of make-up mirrors and brushes (brand: FLEUR DE SANTE) was made for a big foreign cosmetics company in the first few months, which seems to be a French big name. As a result, the factory was returned due to the delay of delivery date and the compensation was made. The loss was not small! The factory now has a large backlog of makeup mirrors and brushes. She hopes that I can help and can do some more to recover the funds as much as possible.

Often contact with stars, during the interview, I found a detail, even more than 60 stars are using the same high-end luxury goods made of metal - metal makeup mirror.

Makeup is even more important for stars. Atao is a 6+1 professional makeup artist at CCTV. She is particularly interested in the quality and design of metal makeup mirrors and recommends it to many celebrities. When Liu Yifei, who has always been known for his purity, talks about metal products, the pleasure is full of words. He keeps playing in his hands and praises the luxury of the product. He also recommends to his mother's collection. Aunt Hu Youyou, Shuimu Nianhua, Xu Wei, Wang Rong, Xiang Xiang, An Qiqi, Beijing TV station beauty host Liu Chang and other well-known celebrities are all collecting metal mirrors. It seems that the metal brand has been favored by a large number of stars. Some of them are looking at Swarovski's exquisite diamonds. Some of them love their luxurious craftsmanship. Others love its style and artistic effect.

Metal is the largest brand in China and even in the world dedicated to the design of cosmetic mirrors. Its professional research and development organization, Blue Apple Studios, has nine high-end process design masters, and has developed more than 1,000 makeup mirrors each year. The craftsmanship brand of Swarovski Diamonds is beautifully exquisite and stunning. It has become the fastest rising brand in the world's luxury goods field. The degree of luxury of domestic brands is also not inferior to foreign brands. According to surveys, many Hollywood stars and fashion ladies in the streets of Beijing, Shanghai, the United States, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Rome, Paris and other large and medium-sized cities occasionally pull out metals. Make-up mirror makeup, highlights the noble temperament, and formed a popular fashion.