My wife bought me an ashtray
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Silently sitting in front of the computer, lit a cigarette. "Autumn Whisper" is soothingly floating in a quiet space, soot drifts inadvertently from the fingers, and thoughts are traced back in time and space...

When he married his wife, he did not hold a grand ceremonial ceremony. He did not want to go for fashion, nor did he want to change his habits. It was because he was really shy. When my father walks early, her mother has a meager income.


Therefore, life at home is often overstretched.

 There was no grand wedding. Naturally, those red tapes were saved. However, the wedding gift was still given. The wife bought me an ashtray.

His wife loves blue especially. The curtains, bedspreads and even cups in the house are basically blue. The ashtray is certainly no exception. Although it is just an ordinary glass ashtray, it is placed in the sun


It is extraordinarily exquisite and exquisite. Through it, we seem to feel the color of the sea after thousands of sails have passed, and the colors of the birds that soared. It can be seen that his wife must have done a lot of work when choosing



At that time, we all graduated shortly afterwards. When we talked to each other, we often had a sour grip in the student's chamber. I asked her: "Aren't you always against me as a junkie? How come you think of sending me this?


? The wife's answer made me unprepared: "I like how you look when you smoke." "(How? Are you sour? Haha) "Do you like it?" She asked again, "Of course! "In fact, I really like it, and


And therefore happy, a kind of happy pleasure.

The day after marriage was getting better and better. When my son was two or three years old, various toys had already filled a corner of the room, but he liked to play with my ashtray. It is said that he often told me not to


At the time, it changed the "doing" it, but once I met it, it was absolutely impossible to "tolerate." Not because it is more important than the son, but because I can't tell exactly why.

As time goes by, family "civil war" is indispensable. After several rounds of tongue-to-mouth fighting, it was always his wife. It seems that my son has already figured out my temper, and at this time, it will rush


He took the ashtray and ran it: "My father, come and smoke." Everything will be silent.

In the domestic chores, what I hate most is washing dishes and bowls, so I basically don't do it, except for ashtrays. Every night before going to bed, you must cleanse yourself, dry it and put it on the desk, baby-like


"For" up. My wife often joked me and said: "The brush is clean than the rice bowl. After that, you just use it for dinner!"

Those objects that were purchased at the time of marriage are now gone as the years pass. The only blue ashtray that remained was to accompany us through the passing of time and would also accompany me.


We are heading for a better future.

The night was already very deep and my wife had fallen asleep. I still sit at the computer and follow my thoughts and wander around the keyboard with my thoughts. In the faint light, the beloved ashtray quietly shines beautifully


And the bright light...