How is the belt buckle classified?
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The belt buckle is the belt head above the belt that we wear in our daily life. It mainly plays the role of tightening and contraction, helping people to fasten clothes and pants.

The general belt buckle is divided into many types. The belt buckle classification is divided into belt buckles: automatic buckle belts, pin buckle belts, plate buckle belts; according to gender divided into men's belts, ladies belts; belt buckle material

Divided into: stainless steel leather buckle, aluminum alloy belt buckle and so on.

Belt buckle classification can also be classified according to gender; can be divided into men's belt buckle and women's belt buckle, according to the different types of belt buckle can be divided into automatic buckle, pin buckle, plate buckle (smooth buckle) and so on.

According to his shape, the belt buckle classification can be divided into a Japanese character belt buckle, a D character belt buckle, etc., and different belt buckles represent different personalities; for example, a wide belt buckle represents a rough feeling, with a


Certainly aggressive, with some neutral sexuality in the process of conquest. So the belt buckle is also a manifestation of personality.

In the current industrial development, there are many products that are excellent, and they are the driving force for the development of the industry, and also the power to promote the advancement of society. Power belt buckle is such a product.

Strong belt buckle products are widely used in the modern industrial machinery industry. How to distinguish the quality of strong belt buckles? Let's take a brief look at the following.

The components of the powerful belt buckle are mainly composed of a bracket, a frame body and a double-pipe operating handle. Strong belt buckle box with double pipe operating handle, starting sleeve, rotating connecting rod, bending nail block and top nail block


The body is a translational shaft with a guide pinion and a guide shaft. The left and right wrenches are pushed and pulled once, the positioning distance and the pawl and the guide tooth shaft are clutched once, so that the box body is shifted by one pitch on the guide tooth shaft, and the transport belt is connected.


The effect of over-stitching and bending nails is to complete the saddle-stitching and button binding work on the conveyor belt.

Strong belt buckle belt buckle material is the following common: iron, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, stainless steel, copper, plastic and other materials, a belt buckle quality is good, first of all depends on its material


What is it. The most expensive copper and stainless steel, a belt buckle price reached 20-40 yuan / only range. Second, we must feel more.

Powerful belt buckle to see the surface treatment. In addition to the stainless steel a few buckles do not electroplating, the other have been surface treatment, if the surface appears bruises, scratches, blisters, pitting, uneven color, yellowing and other phenomena


, is a bad product.

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