Gifts have become a social form that every one of us needs to live in and integrate with society.
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It is usually a gift between people. Its purpose is to please the other party, or to express goodwill and respect. Gifts are also used to celebrate holidays or important days, such as Valentine's Day roses or birthday gifts, must not be sent. Gifts can also be non-material. In ancient China, there was an argument of “going out of the goose in a thousand miles, and reciting light and affection”. The value of the gift was in the goodwill and mind of the giver, not the value of the gift itself. Gifts do not need to be too expensive, as long as they express their intentions. Gifts have brought people closer together.
In Chinese characters, the original meaning of "ritual" was originally "respecting God", and it later became a behavioral standard of people.
The ritual originated from ancient ritual activities. In worship, people not only expressed respect and respect to God in a normative manner and a sincere manner, but they also had the most valuable and most respectable items (ie, cows). Sheep and other sacrifices) dedicated to the gods. Perhaps from that time on, the meaning of ritual began to have a material composition, and ritual could appear in the form of "object", that is, a gift.
The word "gift" consists of two words. "Ceremony" means rituals, etiquette, and moral principles such as loyalty and filial piety.
"Purpose" means material things. It is worth noting that from the etymological point of view, this Chinese word implies that a gift is not only a present of matter, it carries the rules (courtesy) of the culture and involves ceremonies. Therefore, things that are offensive are only items rather than gifts.

Gifts originally came from Nagung, which was created by tribal mergers in ancient wars. That is, the conquerors sent food, slaves, etc. to the conquerors on a regular basis to show obedience to the conquerors and beg for asylum by the conquerors. In the history books, there have been records of wars caused by the untimely or unsatisfactory delivery of gifts. For example, during the Spring and Autumn Period, the Chu State did not send a chaff to Zhou Tianzi on time, triggering a massive war in the Central Plains.
Clothing, jewellery, food, and fields are more ordinary gifts. In ancient times, people were also sent as special gifts. The ancient beauty of Xi Shi was given as a gift by Fan Yi and Wu Wangfu, and the dewaxing glass was also related to Xi Shi and Fan Yu. Wang Yun applied a serial clock to send Dong as a gift to Dong Zhuo. In Sparta in ancient Greece, the mutual donation of slaves between slave owners was more commonplace. In ancient times, gifts could be gold and silver coins and so on. In historical books, there are often philosophers who have given the princes and heroes a record of “precious gold” and “million gold.” Can also be tools, weapons and other special equipment, such as horses and other animals with special effects and significance are often presented as gifts, Guan Yu seated "Red Rabbit Horse", Liu Bei riding "Lu", respectively, Cao Cao, Liu table gift.
Communication presents gifts to each other and is indispensable for human social life. The Chinese have always admired reciprocity. "Book of Rites Song Li Li" said: "Reciprocity is still coming, not coming, not ritual, coming and going, not ritual." Gifts are produced and developed together with a series of other ceremonial activities. We know that rites originated from ancient ritual activities. At the time of worship, people expressed their respect and awe to God in a standard and devout manner. They also sacrificed their most valuable and most salvation-worthy items (ie, sacrifices) to the deities.
Maybe from that time onwards, in the meaning of rituals, there began to be material composition and performance. The ceremony can appear in the form of objects. Regarding the concept of gifts, there are also people who say that it originally originated from the tribal annexation of the tribe in the ancient wars of “Nagon”, that is, the conquerors regularly sent conquistadors food, slaves, etc., to show their obedience to the conquered. And plead for the asylum of the conqueror.
Gift giving is a universal social phenomenon. It exists in all periods and regions of human society. An ideal gift can express certain special desires for the presenter and the recipient, passing out some special information. A gift is a declaration that declares your relationship with the recipient: an ordinary friend, a friendly relative, a grateful subordinate boss, or an enthusiastic admirer. It also reflects what kind of image you hope to establish in the minds of others, a person who can appreciate others, an elegant person, or someone who knows how to terminate a relationship with a smile. More importantly, it is also a declaration to the recipient: His loyalty has been recognized by you, his perseverance is praiseworthy, his leadership ability is vital to his department, his health is worrying, he is making a purchase. Become a pleasure. In short, he is grateful.
Everyone is giving and receiving gifts, regardless of whether the gifts are voluntary, and each gift must be selected before being sent out. Because the gift is an extension of your character, the other person can measure your interest, even your wisdom and talent. What to send, how to send will leave an important and lasting impression. How the other party accepts it is the same. Whether we admit it or not, gifts are meaningful to both parties and it plays an important role in our lives. Our craving for gifts is also our desire for approval, love, understanding and love. The act of giving and receiving gifts involves many aspects of life. Through gifts, we can inspire others, educate others, gain control, receive compensation, display knowledge and self-cultivation, express kindness and love, and expand personal influence.
In short, gift giving has become a social form that every one of us does not lack in order to live and integrate into society.
Corporate gifts are enterprises or institutions that specialize in order to increase or expand their visibility in order to increase or expand their market share (share) and obtain higher sales performance and profits in their operations or business activities. A special meaning product. It has novelty, odd characteristics, craftsmanship and practicality. Corporate gifts should first clarify the purpose of giving gifts. Friends give gifts to deepen friendships, husbands give gifts to their wives is to sublimate love, and parents give gifts to children is to increase affection. The purpose of corporate gifts is more clear - to expand operations and increase profits. Therefore, the purpose of the gift is to determine the grade and time of the gift.
With purpose, it is naturally necessary to determine the object. Corporate gifts are often aimed at an institution or group, but it is necessary to consider that the recipient of a gift is a living person. He or she has his or her own personality, status, and taste, and the gifts given must have different personalities. .
Gift time is very important. The time here includes not only the time for giving gifts, but also the time interval for gifts to be maintained in order to maintain business contacts. Holidays, anniversaries, events, and other events that are suitable for the giving of business gifts are generally noticed by the company, but are not as elaborate on the gift-giving interval. Important customers who only give gifts each year for the same reason and time may not be enough, then companies need to conduct further analysis of customers, gifts and the environment to determine the correct timing of gifts.
The above three aspects are actually closely linked, because the corporate business gift giving activity is an overall activity. It needs not only to cooperate with the overall business diplomacy of the enterprise, but also to meet the needs of customs, business etiquette, psychology, and sociology. related requirements.
Corporate gifts are different from personal gifts. It must first be the spokesperson for corporate image. Companies in different industries have different corporate images, some focus on the company's innovative image, and some try to show strong strength, but one thing is common: if the company’s gift gifts are not for promotional products or services, it must be reflected. The company's cultural heritage. Second, corporate gifts often have the characteristics that people generally like and can not afford to pay for themselves. If a company’s gift is available to the recipient, it is difficult to reflect the company’s unique attention to the recipient. This is particularly important when the company’s public relations clients are important. Embodied in the choice of gifts, companies can not just buy everyday gifts, but should look for a professional gift design company, tailored to the characteristics of companies and customers.
The biggest thing that corporate gifts differ from personal gifts is its consistency, integrity, and planning. Gifts presented to important customers, affiliates, and partners, and companies, reflect the overall nature while also requiring targeted personality changes. At this time, the gift selection goes beyond the simple concept of gifts. It needs to deepen the understanding of the company's own services and culture, as well as the understanding of the gifted objects. Therefore, the company’s gifts really enter the cultural level and reach the highest level.
The key to business gift management lies in people. People have cultural ownership and their own personality. A company can use its business practices only to raise its gift activities to the cultural level, so that it can be a killer in the Chinese business environment.