Customized materials of employee badge and selection of excellent manufacturers
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The rise and fall of every great enterprise and brand is related to the ability of its employees. There is also competition among employees, which requires the enterprise to issue some gifts and awards to outstanding employees every year, so as to make employees have more motivation and sense of belonging. What kind of gift has both honor and value? Gold and silver badges and commemorative coins are a very good choice, which not only have cultural value, but also have a certain degree of commemorative significance. So, where can employee badges be customized? Let's have a comprehensive understanding.
Custom Badge

Employee badge customization

First of all, now on the market, there are many materials that can be used as badges. Gold, with beautiful color, is the top-grade choice of badge production. Secondly, there are silver, copper, stainless steel, iron and other materials, which can be used for making badges. Nonmetallic materials such as plastic, acrylic, plexiglass and PVC soft glue can also be used to make badges. And the badge of non-metallic materials is not afraid of water, so it is widely accepted in daily life.

employee badge
Secondly, the three main materials of enterprise customized badge are:

1、 Zinc alloy is the best material for die-casting metal badge. Its zinc alloy casting performance is good, the surface can be electroplated, painted, spray and other process characteristics are very suitable for metal badges custom-made.

2、 Made of stainless steel, mainly used for making printed badges. The main features are strong corrosion resistance, durable metal with high cost performance, rich surface printing color and outstanding decorative effect, which is a good choice for making badges.

3、 Copper is the preferred metal for high-grade badges. The material texture is relatively soft. It is made of many materials, and the appearance of the metal badges is beautiful and of high quality.

Badge customization

Custom badge manufacturer
Shenzhen Weixin Handicraft Co., Ltd. is the best manufacturer of employee badge customization. With years of handicraft manufacturing experience, high-quality products and complete services, it has won the recognition and recognition of many customers at home and abroad. Its products have been sold all over the world. So far, it has provided rich products with many well-known enterprises, sports events and large-scale celebrations at home and abroad. The customers who have cooperated have : Disney, McDonald's, Coca Cola, the Olympic Games, the National Games, Ferrari, BMW, Porsche, China Mobile, China Telecom, PetroChina, Sinochem and other large enterprises have established long-term cooperative relations.