Beijing Olympic Games world elite
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Before yesterday, you would like to ask me my impression of the Chinese delegation to the Rio Olympic Games. I will say that Fu Yuanhui's "Power of Prehistoricity," and Qin Kai's court proposal. These two things have nothing to do with the gold medal, attracting everyone's attention, Fu Yuanhui instantly become a net red, Qin Kai shows the world an open, inclusive and new style of Chinese sports.

These two events are very popular. As many people predicted before the Olympics, Chinese sports, who have been the world's elite at the Beijing Olympics and have been the second-eldest son in the world for many years, can not be considered a gold medal. In fact, more intimately speaking, the people do not value the gold medal so much. They can calmly accept that the athlete lost the gold medal and will not be ridiculed or abused as they used to. Let the athlete run in the two-dimensional world of heroes and bears. In the eyes of everyone, the gold medal is no longer everything. After all, the Olympic Games are the most elite players in the world. As long as the Chinese athletes play a level, they do not have the gold medal or the medal. They are also unusual things. More understanding and comfort, the image of Chinese athletes began to diversify, their humanity, personality, in this tolerant space bloom a charming style, so everyone in Rio can see Fu Yuanhui "punchline" and Qin Kai "Embrace the beauty return."

This is good, let the world know that Chinese athletes are not "gold medal", they are rich in affection, they are confident, sunshine, they can fully enjoy the fun of life outside of sports. But if this is the main theme of Chinese sports in Rio, then the primary and secondary points. Believe that many sports fans saw the Chinese women's volleyball team yesterday morning with the host of Brazil's ups and downs of the war, the kind of from the opening of despair, loss, to tie the score of lucky, happy, and then lead the excitement, cry, turn To be tied after the unwilling, regret, eventually to the decider out of the opponent after the surprise, touched, this is the most fascinating place for sports. Because of the performance of the Chinese delegation in Rio too dull, there has not been like before the game like the women's volleyball team "shaking the world", everyone's horizons were looking for hot spots off the scene, to find topics.

As spectators, we can tolerate the gold medal, but do not forget, for all athletes, coaches and officials, the gold medal is their greatest pursuit and work. Only the gold medal unscientific, gold medal glory worth every player in the world make every effort to fight for such a process is the greatest charm of the Olympic Games. Regardless of the Chinese delegation or other countries, regional delegation selection of contestants, without exception, who scores well, who is more who dominate the gold medal. Where is the Olympic medal stand, gold and silver bronze medal is placed there, everybody is to divide one high. Champion should not be the only pursuit, but it is definitely the biggest winner.

We must admit that the gold medal is not everything. It is not a matter of strength, a chance to win the championship without the aspiration of excuse. We should not mind the many tragedies of Chinese sports in Waterloo. We are to win the honor of the country, is thinking of ranking the world's second child in the position of pressure to the United States, the reality is that in addition to table tennis, diving and weightlifting these few traditional strengths, the other large area disorders, the United States did not Catch up, anti-British to the super. This defeat can even be compared with the Seoul Olympics 28 years ago. Now it can be said that many sports teams have a serious problem in preparation for the Olympic Games in Rio. Officials and coaches are responsible for this. Instead of saying "the gold medal does not matter to us," they casually fool the past. Like Chinese gymnastics, a gold medal is not, I did not think there is anything, but to see the female player Shang Chun Song did not have time to go home for six years, this gold medal at all costs, now it seems useful, what is this What we do is abandon, not the hard training for the gold and the scenery on the highest podium.