Women's Super League players touched China's lack of money to save the donor kidney
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Spring City, a pleasant climate, training, Gao Yan's heart has been linked to the Pudong Xia South on the only 40 square meters of home. A small child divorced parents, Gao Yan and her mother, flies too calm. Five years ago, her mother suddenly suffered from uremia, and her family was burdened by the economic burden on her family.
Recently in Haiphong base, facing Dianchi Lake, Gao Yan open his heart, told our reporter confessed, "do not play the day, I want to donate my kidney to my mother."
Gao Yan football career started from the age of 9, my mother along the way, the wind, the rain went to protect her embarked on the road to football. For more than a decade, as long as her daughter is in Shanghai, her mother is sure to attend.
The better the daughter's ball, the more mom likes. But the mother most valued, or cultivate children's character. Go home on weekends, high mom should keep on telling her daughter to be more concerned about teammates, abide by team rules. Of course, Gao Yan small fight is very competitive, from the district schools, the city less body, to the Shanghai women's football team captain's armband always hang on her arm.
1999 is a watershed in Chinese women's football. Since then, the Chinese women's football started to decline. May 2004 is an exception. At that time, Gao Yan and his teammates in the World Youth Championships semi-final, the success of the Mata and Christianei pegged to the final World Cup silver World Cup back to the motherland. Shang Ruihua era, she also put on the national team No. 19 shirt, leaving her mother proud.
In May 2006, a call from Aunt Gao Yan completely changed the course of her life.
At the time, Gao Yanzheng is playing in the club competition in South Korea. Aunt told her on the phone, my mother was sick, but did not explain the specific condition. After she returned to Shanghai, she went straight to the hospital and saw the emaciated mother, standing in the center of the ward. "What happened to my mum?" She tears to find a doctor. "Your mom's getting uremia." "Impossible!" She could not believe she was usually physically strong and had no idea of ??a cold in her mind.
When her mother was diagnosed, Gao Yan was only 21 years old, it was fun, active age. According to the regulations, the female football team has a day off each week and his teammates are back home. It is still too late to go crazy. Gao Yan stepped out of the East and crossed the Shanghai Green Boat to go to the Pudong home. Put down your bag and start taking care of your mother, tidying up the room and getting the rest of the week clean.
For the Gao Yan family, the hardest part is when her mother just got sick. Because there is no stable job, high mother monthly income, but hundreds of dollars, admitted to the hospital, the first treatment fee is 40,000 yuan "sky high." Get the list, Gao Yan did not say anything else had accumulated 30,000 yuan before all the money out. "Is not enough, how to do?" Mother and daughter embarrassed. Later, Sun Qi-Min was the team leader at the time, before helping them through the storm.
Uremia reatment is a long process, medical expenses gradually accumulated, Gao Yan also two or three thousand dollars a month, never open to people to borrow money Gao Yan, had time and again to relatives and friends for help. However, whenever she gets her salary as soon as she can, she will pay her back immediately without any delay. These years, Gao Yan paid her mother at least 300,000 medical expenses.
For a long time to do hemodialysis, high mother's hand bulging 3 large blood bag, each infusion requires 8 hours, especially slow. Once, the mother was hospitalized, her daughter finished the league, ran directly from the airport to accompany the ward. From 12 o'clock at night to 8 am the next day, the little girl barely covered his eyes. The sun has not come out, Gao Yan finally could not bear, launched a fever, became sick with her mother, a hanging salt water.
Every week, high mom except to go to the hospital hemodialysis three times, have to eat fifty or sixty bottles of drugs. In the past five years, Gao Yan never saw her mother shed a tear in front of her. "Mom is a strong man, so I also have a strong heart."
Once, high mother surgery, daughter in Japan game. Before going abroad, she and her mother said good, after the call. Left right wait the same day, etc., but it is Aunt's voice. "At that time, I was a little doubt in my heart, said my mother called me, is not the surgery did not succeed ... ..." She began cranky.
Sure enough, a high mothers wound in the suture out of the situation, the blood flow more than. Late at night, high mother just awake, they struggled to get up to seize the phone, told her daughter to be at ease playing football, mom okay. As a result, as soon as the call was over, Mother Gao was pushed into the intensive care unit and the second operation of the day was released from danger.
In these years of fighting the disease, Gao Mau repeatedly received a notice of critically ill condition. 2009 National Games, Gao Yan team expedition, high mother knows the importance of the game. The disease can hit again, she was once again sent to the operating table.
Mama again overcome the disease. After surgery, Gao mother body just a little better, then accompanied by relatives, rushed to Qingdao to see her daughter's game. "Later, when I got home, I realized that my mother had got a critical notice again, and I felt very uncomfortable."
Waiting for that day
Now, Mommy Gao has officially retired, with a monthly income of more than a thousand yuan. Moreover, she also handled a serious illness Medicare, mother and daughter finally can breathe.
Although there is a certain degree of protection, but high mom now thoroughly every month, buy medicine two expenses, at 4,000 yuan up and down, mother and daughter struggling to maintain their livelihood. "Every time I see my mother can not swallow my meal, I eat well .My mother to eat a lot more than when I feel very happy." For her mother, Gao Yan only hope she can be happy every day. "Because only she is happy, I am happy."
2013 is the National Games, Gao Yan is running the pitch in the 20th year. On the pitch of the towering years, she was selected Chinese women's football, participated in the East Asian Final Four, Al Caval Cup, also won the best player in the Super League, selected FA Cup best team. At Gao Yanjia, she won the trophy, medal, a window can not fit. "In fact, I was very satisfied with the soccer field, and the only regret now is that there is not one gold medal in the National Games at home." 2013 is the Shenyang National Games and also the last chance for her to realize her dream.
"I want the dream to come true and take the National Games gold medal home in 2013. And then retire and wait until the day I do not play football and I want to transfer my kidneys to my mom to help her overcome the disease. Gao Yan's eyes, staring into the distance, very calm.