After the departure of President Nathan, he served as a senior academician of the Southeast Asian Institute
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President Naidan was still having something to do after he left his office last month and has now found a good "destination". He will go to the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore as a senior academician.

K Kesavapany, Dean of the Southeast Asian Studies Institute, delivered a speech yesterday at the opening ceremony of the exhibition entitled "Wang Guowu: Historians, Humanists and Public Intellectuals" and announced that President Nathan will serve as " "(Distinguished Senior Fellow) news.

President Nathan is a special guest for this event. When interviewed, Professor Wang Baowu said that about a month ago when he announced his retirement, he sent a letter to invite him to Southeast Asia University to take up this position. However, he had also had contact with the Institute before and was glad to accept Professor Wang's invitation.

President Nathan served as founding president of the Defense and Strategy Research Institute, a predecessor of the South Institute of International Law at Rajaratnam.

As for what he will do when he comes to the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, President Nathan said: "I do not want to take charge of any matters, just do away with time here." He said it is unclear what will be done at the institute and the decision to go to the institute .

In conjunction with President Nathan's upcoming removal of the presidency, the Institute specially arranged for 13-year-old choir singer Matthew Supramaniam to sing yesterday. One of them was a "Danny Boy" adapted from the lyrics. The song praises President Nathan as People serve for 12 years. The boy had performed at European and American concerts and the Queen's event.

Southeast Asia Institute Wang Yong set permanent exhibition

Professor Wang Juwu, Chairman of the Board of Southeast Asian Studies, last year donated an important contribution left over from a lifetime of scholarship to the Southeast Asian Studies Institute. This includes 1200 books, more than 1,000 photographs, medals, diplomas and calligraphy. His important contribution will be collected in a private collection of the Southeast Asian Institute together with private contributions by MCA founder Chen Zhenlu and Singapore Chief Minister David Marshall.

In order to express gratitude, the institute has set up a permanent exhibition in the library to introduce Professor Wang's life, scholastic experiences and writings as well as show some of his books.

Yesterday attended the opening ceremony, including Education Minister Wang Ruijie, Justice Chen Xiqiang, Ambassador Xu Tongmei, and other ambassadors. When Professor Wang Congwu made a speech, he just talked about giving donations. Originally, he just wanted to find a place for delivery because he felt that there were too many books and documents in his home. He said his present manuscript can be flattered with the contributions of historical figures such as Chen Zhenlu.

This collection also received a donation of 60,000 yuan from Buddhist Shurein. Mrs Shum Linchang Li Muyuan said that these books are placed in the institutes as "nutrition" for the next generation and should therefore be supported. The company is located in:

Yesterday, President Nathan also hosted the opening ceremony for the newly established archeological unit of the Southeast Asia Institute's Nalanda-Sriwijaya Center at the same event.