Liu Chaobin, head of the Asian Games delegation, will strive to win 30 medals
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Our athletes will try 30 to 33 medals at the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games, which will be held next week, but Liu Chaobin, head of the delegation, declined to predict how many gold medals will be won.
Liu Chaobin yesterday at the Singapore Sports Council press conference, announced the medal goal of this Asian Games, as well as more likely to win the 10 projects.
He said: "After we assembled the views of the National Sports Associations, we decided to set the target of 30 to 33 medals, and we also point out 10 projects that are more likely to win medals. However, we must emphasize that every All of the players who participated in the Asian Games have the strength to win the medal, no one is going to accompany the run.
Singapore sent 241 athletes to compete for 22 projects this time and Liu Chaobin will lead the brigade to Guangzhou next Tuesday (9th). This is also the largest number of athletes since China participated in the previous Asian Games.
Liu Chaobin said that the Chinese athletes may win the medal items, including sailing, shooting, swimming, bowling, billiards and Sinok, table tennis, martial arts, fencing, golf, and the dragon boat became the first Asian Games.
He said: "From the Republic of New Delhi Commonwealth Games, gymnastics is also expected to compete for medals."
Our athletes won eight gold, seven silver and 12 bronze medals at a total of 27 medals at the Doha Asian Games four years ago. Of the eight gold medals, five contributed each from sailing, swimming, bowling and bodybuilding. The Asian Games do not have fitness projects.
However, Liu Chao Bin refused to predict the number of gold medals. He laughed and said: "The gold medal forecast will be given to individual sports clubs, which will make them more accurate."
Athletes from 45 Asian countries will compete for 476 gold medals in 42 projects from this month on the 12th to the 27th.
Liu Chaobin said that if our delegation can win 30 medals in this Asian Games, Singapore will have the opportunity to become Asia's top ten sports superpower to complete the goal set by the Sports Promotion Committee nine years ago.
He said: "Of course it depends on the performance of other delegations, but the Sports Promotion Committee also did not specify the standard of the Asian Games as a measure of the year, but this session of the Asian Games is just the last big games in 2010."
In 2001, the Sports Promotion Committee proposed three major points, six major goals and 40 ways to implement the new vision with the goal of developing Singapore into the top 10 sports powers in Asia by 2010.
On the number of gold medals, Singapore ranked 12th in the Doha Asian Games. On the total number of medals, Singapore is the 14th.
Zhang Zhixian presided over the flag ceremony
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Zhang Zhixian yesterday in Deming government high school, presided over the Asian Games flag ceremony.
Liu Chao-bin, head of the group took the national flag from Zhang Zhixian on the stage and handed it to Qing Jiamin, the flagman. Zheng Junhao sailing boat then swear on behalf of all athletes.
For the first time in the Asian Games, Yang Jiacin (22 years old), is the 2008 World Cup bowling champion, last year also won the World Championship women's team third place.
Vicovan, Minister of Social Development, Youth and Sports, Zeng Chengxing, Secretary-General of the National Olympic Committee, Xiao Yongliang, Chairman of the Physical Council, and Fu Chuanfeng, Principal of the Secondary School of Deming Government also attended the ceremony.