Sports Academy to cultivate top athletes 2016 Olympic Games won six medals
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Singapore will compete for six medals at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and maintain its position as Asia's top 10 sporting nation at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

The head of the Singapore Sports Institute, Gambaledera, announced the news yesterday at a press conference held by the Singapore Sports Council.

Gambardela, who also heads the Sports Development Division, said: "After studying the systems of countries of the same size as Singapore like Puerto Rico and Croatia, we set the goal for local athletes to win six medals at the 2016 Olympic Games These medals will come from four or five projects.This is not based on speculation but historical evidence.From Singapore in the past in the performance of major events, our athletes really have the ability to create success in the competition.

"In 2012 London Olympic Games, we may have the opportunity to win one or two medals.Our country Ping-pong women's team in the last Olympic Games performance, show that they have the power to re-show their power .Love female Tao Li and shooting female Xu Xiangwei, is also expected Compete for the medal. "

Wen Rende, president of Sports Council, said: "It is indeed a bold goal to win six medals at the 2016 Olympic Games. However, we have always motivated our athletes to set a high goal. Not only to learn from them, but also to strive for success." The school's pioneering system has cultivated many world championships. What we need to do is to strengthen the existing system and find more champions. "

Singapore Institute of Physical Education in 2006 to establish a virtual form

The Singapore Institute of Physical Education, which is part of the Physical Institute, was created in fictitious form in 2006 and is currently attached to Physical Society and is expected to move into Sports City in Kallang by 2014. Currently, the college has 51 staff members and is actively seeking executive director, responsible for day-to-day administrative work and implementing major programs.

The academy will assist in cultivating top athletes in China from four aspects, enhancing their ability to compete for medals while also implementing a culture of excellence in sports development. It is understood that the entire development plan will cost about 1000 million.

These four aspects are: working with schools including schools and sports schools to actively explore the skills that can be made to help improve the technical level of athletes and the coaching staff coaching skills; strengthening scientific and technological sports science through scientific research; using joint management System, working with different teams to solve problems in different ways; and giving full assistance to athletes through financial, administrative and other support services.

"In order to continue good development, we identified seven key development projects: Swimming, Table Tennis, Shooting, Bowling, Sailing, Fencing and Badminton. It's just a list of primaries, Continue to extend and we will continue to provide the assistance we need for projects that are not on the list. "

Wen Rende said: "We are based on the track record of sports to determine the primaries list, most of these projects athletes in the Asian Games and even the Olympic Games to produce beautiful transcripts. To fencing, the women's foil team has been The world's top 10. These athletes must rely on their own performance to win the attention of the selection committee.We do not take football into account, because the association has a sound development system.

In 2001, Singapore Sports Council, formed by the Council, set a goal of developing Singapore into the top 10 in Asia by 2010. Singapore ranked 12th on the Honor Roll during the last Asian Games in Doha and is expected to be among the top 10 in Asia for this year's Guangzhou Asian Games.

Wen Rende said: "The goal of the delegation of the Guangzhou Asian Games in Singapore remains unchanged, and we hope they will become one of the top 10 sports powers in Asia in this Asian Games. We also hope that after Singapore's Incheon Asian Games , Continue to maintain the status of Asia's top 10 sports powerhouse. "