Lopez coached the last to see the history of creation Lopez excited few words
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Josephine won Singapore's first medal in the history of the Games, but for him and coach Lopez, the medal is another way to go. The two teachers and students lasted for five years will come to an end, this is their last game of cooperation.

Seeing that the Apostles made history in their final game of coaching, Spain's brawny Lopez, 1m tall and 86, was so excited. He said: "This is Singapore's first medal, but it was also the last one I had with him. It was really not easy to say goodbye. Five years later, in the last race, he Really done. "

Josephine was sent to study and live in Florida, USA by his parents when he was 14 years old. There, Josephine Lopez under the door, gradually become the world's star of hope. Today, 19-year-old Joseph Lin is about to enter the University of Texas, the two cooperation can only be concluded temporarily.

Lopez said: "The difference is really difficult .I taught him five years, we are good relations.He started with a person to the United States, parents are not around, so I gave him more care.For the past seven years, I taught a total of about 150 swimmers, some of whom are very good friends with me, some general, and Josephine, we traveled the world, the two of us walked very close, hoping to be friends later.

Another group of Lopez students will participate in the National Youth Games, he flew back to the United States ahead of time, did not guide Josephine played in yesterday's swimming competition.

Josephine said: "Today is a complicated moment for both of us, and a few hours before the race, we just realized that it was our last game together and he taught me the last five years A lot of things, he has been by my side, like my son treated me, I have said many times, he is like my father.

Lopez swimming with Singapore or cooperation will continue. Singapore Swimming Team coach Turner will step down after the National Games, Lopez is the most popular successor.

Lopez said Jotlin is expected to win the Olympic medal.

He said: "51 seconds 69, such a result, almost ranked the world's top 3. If he continues his efforts and enough luck to get enough support in the university, get a good coach guidance, he has the opportunity to Olympic Games In addition, I think he also has a chance to achieve world-class level in the 200m freestyle, 200m medley project.He is a very gifted child. "