The Red Cross Society of China raised over 250 million yuan in Ludian earthquake funds
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Zhao Baige, executive vice president of the Chinese Red Cross, disclosed in Beijing on the afternoon of the 15th that according to the earthquake in Ludian, Yunnan, as of August 14, the total number of social donations and donations received by the National Red Cross Society was 250,404,900 yuan. China Red Cross system to accept the total amount of donations among the forefront of the country.
According to China News Agency, at 16:30 on August 3, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake occurred in Ludian County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. By the 15:00 on the 8th, 617 people were killed, 112 were missing and 3143 were missing Injured, 108.84 million people affected.
The Red Cross will raise over $ 250 million in Ludian earthquake funds
After the earthquake, the Chinese Red Cross system actively mobilized all aspects of human resources and fully implemented the rescue work in Ludian Earthquake Disaster. According to Hao Linna, vice chairman of the Chinese Red Cross, at 22:00 on August 14, a total of 18 rescue teams participated in the rescue, bringing the total to 470. Currently, there are 10 rescue teams still fighting in the forefront. At the same time of active rescue, the Chinese Red Cross Society promptly launched a social fund-raising campaign.
Zhao Baige introduced as of August 14, the National Red Cross system received a total of 250,404,900 yuan donated money and goods (including donations from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao and the International Red Cross Organization). Among them, 178.57 million yuan was donated and 71.833 million yuan was donated. China Red Cross system to accept the total amount of donations among the forefront of the country.
On the afternoon of the 15th, the Red Cross Society of China held a donation ceremony for earthquake relief in Yunnan Earthquake in Ludian in Beijing. This is the second time that the Red Cross Society of China held a large-scale donation ceremony in response to the earthquake in Ludian.
Among them, Samsung China donated 20 million yuan, Inner Mongolia Yitai Group donated 10 million yuan, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China donated 5 million yuan, Beijing State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. donated 5 million yuan, the Central State organs Commission donated 1 million yuan, Beijing Red Sun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. donated 1 million yuan.
At today's donation ceremony, Mr. Li Chunping, a philanthropist, appends another 1 million yuan on site for a total donation of 3 million yuan.
On behalf of the Chinese Red Cross, Li Jinhua, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and honorary vice chairman of the Chinese Red Cross, accepted the donations from the above-mentioned institutions and individuals and awarded them the "Fraternity" medal.
Expenditure 97,140,600 yuan accounted for 39% of the total donations received
"The Chinese Red Cross promptly and scientifically and effectively uses donated materials and actively conducts humanitarian aid work." Zhao Baige said.
Up to now, the total amount of donations spent by the China Red Cross system for the disaster-stricken areas reached 97,140,600 yuan, of which donations amounted to 33,696,500 yuan, donations of 63,444,100 yuan for donations and 39% of the total donations received.
Zhao Baige introduction, the money is mainly used for four aspects, one food, food, water and other food emergency supplies; two tents, quilts, clothing and household bags, kitchen utensils, health kits and other non-food emergency Materials; third, public health (toilets), water supply and other rescue equipment; fourth, all kinds of rescue teams to carry out emergency relief work necessary expenses.
In view of the proportion and composition of this donation, Zhao Baige believes that this fully reflects the Red Cross Society of China to the needs of the people in the disaster areas as the center, closely linked to the characteristics of disaster relief stages, focusing on the implementation of the concept of quality and efficiency of scientific relief.
China News Agency reported that the general public not only donated money and materials to the Chinese Red Cross through traditional channels, but also donated it through channels of informationization, popularization and convenience. According to Zhao Baige introduction, the National Red Cross system to accept donations, SMS nearly 10,000 daily donations. Since October 2006, a total of nearly 270 million yuan has been donated by SMS.
"This figure is a great encouragement for our China Red Cross Society," said Zhao Baige.
According to Zhao Baige introduction, at present, SMS donations have spent nearly 70%, of which 160 million for the Wenchuan earthquake for floods in Guangdong, Hainan floods, drought in southwest China, Yushu, Lushan earthquake, Yutian earthquake a total of 11.33 million yuan.