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In October last year, 4th grade student of Changzhou Technician College of Jiangsu Province, Song Biao, won the gold medal of industrial machinery installation and adjustment project and won the Albert Vidal Prize of the contest. It is understood that this is the first time Chinese players won the award. On the 5th, Song Biao won the title of "big craftsman in Jiangsu Province", and at the same time, he was identified as a deputy senior professional and technical title.
Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that in 2017 Jiangsu Province for the first time to start the "Skills Award" selection, the original 10 "Jiangsu big craftsmen" and 94 "Jiangsu craftsman" seats. Under normal circumstances, the unit needs to be recommended procedures, personnel affiliation recommended, provincial and municipal selection of two levels. Song Biao is the exception won this award.
As early as September 2017, Changzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau had submitted a list of candidates for the "Jiangsu Great Craftsman" in the city, and Song Biao was not on the list. Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security Occupational Capacity Building staff told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter told reporters that in recent years the country to promote the construction of artisans, they are also involved in the contest before the Song Biao attention to him, the list of supplements and from the "Jiangsu craftsman Upgraded to "big craftsmen in Jiangsu" are started with the result of Song Biao game revealed.
"The Alberta Prize can be obtained at the age of 19, which is of great significance to promoting the spirit of artisans and influencing the younger generation, so we asked the Jiangsu provincial government for special approval," said the staff member.
For the vice president of Song Biao professional and technical titles. Jiangsu Province Department of Human Resources and Social Security staff said that after the "Jiangsu big craftsmen" commendation ceremony ended, they just got the documents, began to apply for professional titles and identification of Song Biao and follow-up related packages, including "after graduation Not subject to quota restrictions, directly to the relevant units. " However, the staff member also said that Song Biao's future path lies in his own choice. The title series may also be adjusted as he changes his post from now on.
Winning the award is not just Song Biao's title, but also more possibilities for the future. At present, the Changzhou Technician College offers him a year in Germany to study abroad, and will try his best to obtain the IHK professional qualification of international trade association.
Song Biao: The first welding experience almost let myself scarring
Under the age of 20, already have the gold medal winner of the International Competition, Jiangsu big craftsmen, associate senior titles and other honors, compared to the results, Song Biao more focused on the process. Yesterday, Song Biao told Beijing Youth Daily reporter interviewed that for his own harvest, he always surprised, surprise, did not expect to describe. However, it is not insignificant that Song Biao "did not expect the results to come to an early start" because he persisted on a step by step basis.
On the technical school can learn a good skill can succeed
North Youth Daily: Why do you read college after graduating from junior high school?
Song Biao: In 2014, I was 16 years old. At that time, I did not get a very good high school because I had a normal grade in the exam. I think the technical school is just fine, learning a skill can be successful, but also to support their families. My dad is engaged in machinery, the mother is a pipeline operator, they successfully raised me, let me think this is a way out. Changzhou Technician College is our relatively good technician college, which of course is my first choice.
Beiqing Bao: Why choose mechanical engineering department of abrasive design and manufacturing professional?
Song Biao: The professional students generally come out as abrasive designers, do not have to start on the machine tool production.
My father has done abrasive-related work, I have had some contact with him since childhood, I feel very interesting, but also self-confidence on this business some understanding.
North Youth Daily: After entering the school, "genetic" talent has helped you to reduce the difficulty of learning?
Song Biao: Really is not, I found after entering school, to familiar with the abrasive as a professional to learn, will involve a lot of theory and practice, not as simple as I had thought. Came to a new environment, I am not very adapted, and teachers, students are not familiar with, so I am not particularly good condition. However, to communicate with you later more and more, I will be comfortable at a lot. Because I like, I usually spend more time in the workshop pondering product design, often make a little progress are very sense of accomplishment.
North Youth Daily: What do you usually study? The participation in international competitions fitter, welder, lathe and other skills, have involved in the past?
Song Biao: We study will be arranged according to the professional design of different professional courses, but overall the learning is still more comprehensive.
The competition involved a lot of skills, such as fitter, welder, turner, electrician, computer programming, industrial assembly. Most of the content has been learned in my previous lessons and practices, but welding has not been learned before, and it is being arranged at a later stage of my professional course. As I studied on my own, the teacher gave me a hand on it.
The first welding left myself almost scars
North Youth Daily: In the process of preparation for the war encountered any trouble?
Song Biao: From 2016 to 2017 in preparation for the game, I did not go home for two summer holidays, I really want Mom and Dad. See other students take a break, I also have a little envy. But even harder than these was the point of knowledge I had not learned in some of the past competition exams the teacher had at the time. I can only practice while practicing self-study theory, and sometimes do not understand to ask the teacher, Internet search. When I practiced elbow, the school specially introduced new equipment to implement international standards, high precision, not many people will use, but also little knowledge of the parameters. Finally, the teacher helped me to find business professionals for training before they solved the problem.
North Youth Daily: how are you training?
Song Biao: free time, I stay in the school workshop. I have to practice every project involved in the competition. Especially welding, I practice every day to develop muscle memory. But each time can not be too long, more than an hour or two, muscle fatigue movements will be deformed, but also damage muscle memory.
In the summer of 2016, my first contact with the welding, due to inexperienced only with a mask, the radiation of radiation to the collar exposed neck, causing radiation damage. Later, timely application of medicine, it will not leave scars.
Almost due to "appendicitis" was forced to renounce
North Youth Daily: the process of the game have confidence in yourself?
Song Biao: In fact, before the mentality has been relatively calm, that is, step by step to move forward, did not think too much.
At the time of the National Trials, a total of 13 people, all from different provinces. This time I have some idea of ??the first time to participate in the world competition, would like to be able to red one, to participate in the World Series. But in the end only 6 people were selected for the national team. In the end, only one of my projects could finally enter the competition, so it is not very sure.
North Youth Daily: a round of successful promotion, is not considered unscrupulous?
Song Biao: I am experiencing the test I am afraid that more than the game itself.
Two days before the national competition, I suddenly diagnosed with acute appendicitis because of abdominal pain, requiring surgery. I was in a bad mood at the time and thought it was such a pity that I should step down in this way. Fortunately, the next day again diagnosed with gastrointestinal convulsions, only because of tension and Tan Lian led to a lot better after taking medicine, I was relieved.
Later in the international competition, I participated in the industrial machinery installation project from the previous three months to six months before the publication of the topic became only released two days in advance, which greatly reduced our preparation time. However, the first time I entered the competition, I did not know anything about this rule before. Everything was well prepared and the impact was not particularly big either.
The final finals are particularly tense
North Youth Daily: the final process of the finals, everything goes well?
Song Biao: International competition for a total of 4 days, according to schedule the last day of 3 hours, but after I was there but was informed that only two and a half hours left, as for what reason I do not know now.
At that time I was particularly nervous in the lounge, the task of the last day is to assemble and implement the default function, if this step I can not finish, before the details are perfect again and again. Finally, I quickly adjusted the mode of operation, and finally completed the assembly on time.
In addition, the milling machine in contact with the race is not the same as the equipment used in the training before, and the operation is a little bit trickier. I also kept groping in the operation.
Take the prize will go to Germany for a year
North Youth Daily: Then you are not ready to go abroad for further study?
Song Biao: I have never been abroad before. This competition gave me a chance to go out and see. I did not expect that the technical school will make such a good future for the future. I think I will be developing a broader platform later.
Our school has a Sino-German international class, the last year have the opportunity to study in Germany for one year. At present, I have just transferred from the previous major to this class, and majoring in studies is fairly easy. However, the teaching of German in the future is somewhat challenged by me. Therefore, I now spend more energy on language learning and the teacher will give me a fantastic job. If all goes well, I will study in Germany later next semester and take the IHK profession qualification when I graduate, so I am more competitive.
North Youth Daily: Looking further ahead, what are your plans?
Song Biao: After studying in Germany, I also want to go back to my country to improve my academic record, and to have a bachelor's degree or higher, which is also an improvement on the overall quality.